Global Screening

We are a global organization. CareerBuilder Employment Screening has made the process simple and transparent. - Recruiting Manager

When it comes to uncovering talent, we don't believe in borders. CareerBuilder Employment Screening's capabilities have global reach, with services in over 200 markets worldwide.

We understand the nuances, complexities and unique requirements involved with global screening. We are well versed in country-specific regulations and local research practices. Our specialists have the experience to develop a program that meets your specific needs, everywhere.

International Services

CareerBuilder Employment Screening's International Services

(Subject to country specific availability and restrictions)

  • Global watch and prohibited parties
  • Criminal history
  • Education, employment and credential verifications
  • Professional licenses
  • Due diligence
  • Identity
  • Driving records
  • Credit

Our expertise. Your results.

Global screening requires specialized knowledge of international law, privacy, security and data accessibility. With help from localized, in-country partners, we execute foreign checks, verifications, due diligence, drug testing, and other products and services.

Additionally, our WebACE® screening platform is available in multiple languages. Our international order processing and result retrieval are as immediate and accurate as our domestic services.


  • Direct in-country partners
  • Country-by-country compliance
    • Country-specific forms
    • Language-specific workflows
  • International customer support
  • International dispute reinvestigation
  • EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification and compliance with EU directives
  • Translation services

Our research. Your benefit.

We leave no stone unturned. Sometimes information restrictions, especially in foreign countries, limit access to candidate data. With CareerBuilder Employment Screening, that's no problem. Our specialists are experienced in procuring equivalent information. This ensures consistent hiring, no matter where a candidate has lived, worked or been educated.

CareerBuilder Employment Screening. Experience the Difference.

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