Case Study: Daimler

As the inventor of the automobile and one of the world's most innovative vehicle manufacturers, Daimler is shaping the future of mobility. They are a known as a pioneer, transforming the automotive industry with successful brands, outstanding passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and customized mobility. The company's founders, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, were strongly motivated by a passion for invention, and today, innovation remains the most important factor behind their success.


Using a well-established background screening company with a reputation for award-winning screening products and affordable prices, Daimler was struggling to keep up with their large volume of background checks and drug tests. They had issues with a labor-intensive manual order process, heavy paper use, and delays in getting answers to their questions.

Daimler's time to hire was suffering and their applicant selection process was slow. They knew they needed to innovate to keep up with their growth trajectory, and they hoped to find a solution that would consolidate numerous background screening platforms used by individual business units into one single consistent solution.


Daimler began their search and it was no surprise they were focused on finding a provider with goals and objectives that mirrored their own:

  • Product Trendsetting technology
  • Shape the selection process with efficiencies that are compliant and sustainable
  • Provide an excellent applicant and employee experience

While looking for a 'boutique' provider, they found CareerBuilder Employment Screening. After comprehensively reviewing all of the pre-employment background check, drug screening, and occupational health providers available, they firmly believed CareerBuilder Employment Screening offered the most sustainable strategy to meet their specific needs.

There was a precise fit between Daimler and CareerBuilder Employment Screening. CareerBuilder Employment Screening's focus on dedicated customer service and investment in technical efficiencies were able to convert Daimler's vision into reality.

New Solution Products:

  • Consolidated background screening, drug testing, and occupational health screening platform
  • Paperless solution with applicant/employee self-service
  • Largest drug testing network in the industry

New Solution Services:

  • Dedicated Account Manager for daily Customer Service interaction
  • Technology to simplify compliance across the enterprise
  • Process efficiency by working directly with candidates


Fair and trusting relationships with employees are more than an ethical and legal requirement for Daimler. Without the right talent pool, they can't manage their business successfully. With the volume of new hires they select on an annual basis, there is no room for mistakes.

The partnership between Daimler and CareerBuilder Employment Screening is going strong. Their screening order and result retrieval processes have significantly reduced the need for manual labor and duplicative data input. This translates into efficiencies and savings. As they continue to roll out the solution across the enterprise, Daimler is confident they can keep up with the growing demand for premium mobility.

CareerBuilder Employment Screening. Experience the Difference.

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