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Workforce Magazine's Annual Hot List

CareerBuilder Employment Screening listed again on Workforce Magazine's Annual Hot List of Leading Background Checking Providers

It's easy to see why so many companies might be willing to forego background checks – when a company needs to hire quickly, background checks adds time and money to the process – however, not screening workers of any type (full-time, temporary, contract, etc.) puts organizations at increased risk of negligence, fraud, theft and violence.

Workforce Magazine recently address this issue in a recent article titled, "The Increasingly Important Role of Screening in Recruiting." "Recruiters can't afford to skip this vital step in the hiring process, especially with trends showing candidates are misrepresenting themselves more than ever," Workforce's Sarah Fister Gale writes. Gale adds that, as more employers recognize the importance of background-checking, they are relying on third-party providers "to meet the needs for faster, better and more seamless screening."

One such vendor fulfilling this role is CareerBuilder Employment Screening that made Workforce Magazine's annual "Hot List" of background check providers. CareerBuilder Employment Screening takes the burden off employers by providing seamless, comprehensive background screening and drug-testing with fast turnaround. CareerBuilder Employment Screening ensures companies meet compliance standards and feel more confident in their hiring choices. In addition to using leading-edge technology, CareerBuilder Employment Screening is a recognized leader in customer satisfaction among background screening and drug-testing services providers.

Four benefits of CareerBuilder Employment Screening:

  1. Unmatched customer service: CareerBuilder Employment Screening is a recognized leader in customer satisfaction.
  2. Superior quality: CareerBuilder Employment Screening is NAPBS accredited and ISO 9001:200 certified, with multiple audit checkpoints throughout the process.
  3. Focus on candidate experience: CareerBuilder Employment Screening coaches applicants through the process to ensure the best possible candidate experience.
  4. Record-keeping: CareerBuilder Employment Screening's unique web-based portal enables clients to order reports, check their status and receive results efficiently.

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