Case Study: Ariens Company

Applicant Tracking and CareerBuilder Employment Screening Turn Ariens' Recruitment Strategy Around

Company Profile

Established in 1933 in Brillion, Wisc., Ariens Company is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for both consumer and professional use. The privately-owned and operated company is currently in its fourth-generation of Ariens family leadership. Ariens Company employs more than 2,000 people, with operations in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Indiana, Alabama, Michigan, the United Kingdom, Norway and Australia.


Ariens, though a successful, family-owned manufacturing company, was having trouble finding quality candidates to fill key positions for its Brillion, Wisc. location. The company's challenges could be traced back to a number of reasons. First, the company is based in a very rural area of Wisconsin, which made it difficult to find a substantial pool of candidates – let alone build a pipeline for the future. While Ariens had a career site for prospective candidates, it was difficult to navigate and often unreliable. Ariens feared it was losing potential candidates as a result of the unsatisfactory user experience.

Complicating matters even further, Ariens had no screening process in place to weed out unqualified candidates. The company was facing stiff competition recruiting top talent from two larger companies and needed a more proactive recruitment strategy. With no clear recruitment strategy, the company's recruitment-related marketing was inconsistent, they had no brand recognition to speak of, and they were not spending their recruitment advertising dollars in the most efficient way possible.

Perhaps one of Ariens' biggest problems was that the company did everything on paper; nothing was digital. Without an online system to automate tasks, keep track of candidates and easily retrieve files, the recruiting and hiring process was extremely tedious and time- consuming. It was also overly complicated: Employees had to track down multiple people within the company for signatures and approvals, which was not only time-consuming, there was not much clarification around who to get approvals from. As a result of all of these elements, the company struggled with hiring and retention. The company turned to CareerBuilder for help.


CareerBuilder suggested Applicant Tracking, an intuitive ATS, which would enable Ariens to effectively attract more quality talent, keep track of candidates and streamline their recruitment process. Applicant Tracking made it easy for Ariens to manage and communicate with candidates, thanks to its intuitive workflow. Ariens could also easily run reports on candidates and measure the effectiveness of their recruiting strategy.

Once Applicant Tracking was implemented, it was easy to add CareerBuilder Employment Screening's background and drug screening services. Background screening was necessary to bring in the quality candidates Ariens needed, but the process was often time-consuming and complex. CareerBuilder Employment Screening eliminated those barriers with its fast turnaround time and hands-on, personalized customer service.

As a result of their partnership with CareerBuilder, not only did Ariens' HR team finally have a seamless recruitment process, by eliminating its workflow challenges, there was more time to dedicate to other responsibilities. This also allows Ariens to partner better with the hiring managers, ultimately helping move their business forward.

After implementing Applicant Tracking and CareerBuilder Employment Screening, Ariens immediately saw impressive results. Where background and drug screening once took up to two weeks, background checks only took two days, and drug screens came back the same day. Thanks to this quick turnaround – and the ease and convenience CareerBuilder Employment Screening's interface provides – Ariens can extend offers to candidates more quickly, helping to ensure they are still available to accept.

The automatic routing of candidates through the workflow has been amazing...With other vendors, I waited two weeks to get drug screen results and candidates would be told to go to a clinic four hours away – it was a terrible candidate experience. Now I get drug screen results the same day, and the background check usually comes the next day…CareerBuilder offers customer service that no other company has today - - Marsha Majors, Talent Sourcing Manager, Ariens

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