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Placing candidates quickly while managing a budget is top of mind for staffing and recruiting organizations. CareerBuilder Employment Screening’s award-winning solution is configurable and scalable and will work with your internal process, no matter how complex. We know better than anyone the time and money devoted to making every hire. We’ve been partnering with staffing and recruiting agencies for over twenty years to remove the inefficiencies throughout the recruitment process ensuring hires are made as fast and cost effectively as possible.

With employers increasingly turning to the use of contingent or temporary workers, finding and securing the right talent is no easy task. Move too slow and the right candidate will likely take another job. But moving too quickly can have a negative impact on your client relationship and brand. Streamlining your background and drug screening process provides a unified candidates experience and expedites screening.

Our Difference

Award Winning Support

Award Winning Support from an Experienced Staffing Vertical Team

Staffing focused background screening is highly time sensitive requiring immediate access to a knowledgeable team that cares.  Our six-time award winning, 100% US based, customer support combined with dedicated staffing  account management and implementation teams deliver a professional and positive experience for both you and your candidates.

Unmatched Compliance

Unmatched Commitment to Compliance

Navigating the ever changing market and complexities of FCRA and EEOC is a full time job and magnified when the background program is decentralized and varies by staffing client.  We provide powerful technology enabled compliance tools built with the field recruiters in mind and industry leading expertise so you can hire with confidence and speed. 

Intuitive Candidate Experience

Intuitive Candidate Experience

Having a simple, mobile, easy to use candidate experience is a must. No one knows candidates better than CareerBuilder Employment Screening. With access to the most candidates, we've built and continue to enhance the most engaging, trustworthy and effective mobile candidate experience in the industry enabling you to hire faster and turn more offer accepts into starts.

Technology You'll Love

Technology You'll Love

Software doesn't need to be complicated to get the job done.  Our industry leading WebACE® technology, designed with the staffing vertical in mind, takes the hassle and complexity out of screening. Easy to use, highly flexible and secure, WebACE® enables you to automate and configure virtually every aspect of your unique process by client and location.  With flexible access privileges, enhanced visibility, automated policy, client cost code allocation, and integration capabilities, our technology will save you time and enable you to focus on recruiting.

Job Done Right

Job Done Right

When you outsource background screening to a firm, you want them to do the work so your recruiters can recruit.  Yet too frequently clients share their frustrations with other providers regarding low verification success rates, missed hits, poor candidate experience, and slow turnaround time.  We combine the very best automation with our highly trained workforce who understand staffing and maintains a rigorous processes and an intense focus on quality to deliver the highest verification and customer satisfaction rates in the industry. 

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